Caltech Mineral Spectroscopy Lab

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Raman M-1000
Optical Spectroscopy
Raman InVia
Andor Luminescence Spectrometer
Crystal Orientation in Fume Hood
Assayer Computer for data transfer
354 FTIR and Microscope Lab
358 Wet Chemistry Lab
360 Polishing Lab

Notice --- All users must use the "Sign In/Out" paper in the labs close to the door to denote when you enter and leave the room;

Notice --- We are currently limited to just ONE user in a lab at one time. Please check to see if someone booked one of the other instruments in this room at the time you wish to use.

Notice --- Users who make time-consuming maps may be in the lab for one hour and gone for many hours while the map is in progress. This may allow another user to enter the lab to use a different instrument.

Instruments in these labs have been provided by:
The White Rose Foundation
The National Science Foundation Division of Earth Sciences
The Simons Foundation Origins of Life Program